WHERE? Shelsley Walsh
WHEN? Sunday 19th August 2018
Clubs 8am
Public 9am
Close 5:00pm
TICKETS! £15 on the gate
>> FAQ <<
No dogs, sorry (we do love them, but it is a motorsports venue).
Please drive carefully to and from the event.


Post Code : WR6 6RP

Entry : £15 per person, 16 and under free


- 08:00 Show field open to Club Cars
- 09:00 Retro Rides Gathering 2018 Opens for everyone
- 09:00 Hillclimb Starts (morning session)
- 12:30 Hillclimb breaks for lunch
- 13:00 Awards presentation at top left of show field by Merch stall
- 13:30 Hillclimb Starts (afternoon session)
- 17:00 Hillclimb closes and show closes

Guest cars run at the start of each group in the morning and afternoon sessions. Listen out for the announcements

Extra travel info : If you are heading from the North on the M5 avoid Junction 5 as an exit to Shelsley. Stay on until Junction 6 and then follow the A449 to Ombersley and take the A4133. If you want a super easy journey head to Stanford Bridge and then follow signs for Shelsley Walsh, sat navs will tend to take you across little country roads which are a bit of a pain.

Heading from the South on the M5 we'd also advise staying on until Junction 6 and then follow the A449 to Ombersley and take the A4133. Again head for Stanford Bridge and then follow signs for Shelsley Walsh, avoiding the painful sat nav based cross country adventures.


This year we have Show Tshirts at £15, Show Stickers at £2, We also have a range of Retro Rides merchandise to, come and visit the lovely ladies of the merch tent at the top left of the show field. There are no Cash Machines on site, so bring your money with you.

Please note: No dogs are allowed on site


The Retro Rides Gathering returns again to the historic Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in Worcestershire. As always we will bring together our mix of club stands and RWYB hillclimb action, along with invited guest cars, retro parking, trade stands, prizes and our great laid back atmosphere.

Our club stands always attract a diverse range of clubs in ever increasing numbers, this year we have even more room for them, we'll also be able to host the Retro Parking in the same field. So far we have well over a thousand retro club stand cars booked in across over seventy clubs and we expect this number to continue rising.

Guest cars are one of our favourite parts of the show, giving us the excuse to make cars we really want to see attend the show. In the past we have been the first event in the UK to bring a competing Berg Cup car to the UK from Europe and run it up the hillclimb. We've bought over mind blowing 1000bhp monsters and had rare race cars take to the hill at our events. This year we're planning even more special cars for our guest slots, so keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

As we always say Hot Hatch to Hot Rod, Racer to Road Car, Drifter to Daily the Retro Rides Gathering blends it all together into a delicious day of car action. Sunday 19th August, don't miss it!

Please note: No dogs are allowed on site


Whilst we don't think of ourselves as a prize oriented show, we do like to give a bit of a reward to those that catch our eye. All cars in the Club area and the Retro Parking area are eligible for the awards we give out. We have awards in the following categories:

This year Link ECU will be giving prizes for the best NA and best Turbo cars this includes £250 worth of Link ECU products, which is pretty amazing.

CAR OF THE YEAR - Put simply this is the car that most stands out for us on the show field, something that jumps out at us. Judging (if it can be called that) is done in a group and generally the car of the year is something we all agree on.

COOL - Sometimes you see a car and think "that is very cool", maybe it isn't the most involved build, or maybe it is. Maybe it is very subtle and doesn't scream at you, or maybe it does (although I suspect that cool rarely screams about it). Just a COOL award for a cool car.

RACE - Race influence is everywhere in our scene, but some where it more readily than others. This is an award for those cars that wear that influence 100%, whether they are full house race cars, or just look like one.

TRUCK - Technically it should be Van and Truck, but that messes up our naming style. Got a pick up? Mini truck? Boogie van? Cool camper? This one is for you.

ENGINE - This is for those that have done the wild swaps, or the cleaned engine bays, or the really well presented under bonnet power supply. We're looking for well execute engine work here.

DIFFERENT - Dare to be DIFFERENT. Unusual base model for modifications, or a very different route to the norm with a popular car, or a straight up unusual style that works well. We want the idea and the execution to be great.

Hong Kong Phooey - An award dedicated to the memory of our friend Simon Baldwin. For well produced, tastefully modified Japanese machinery, the kind he would have built and inspired others to build.

The Low Set - Our friends at The Low Set like to give out a prize to their favourite car of the year, usually something low, some times hard slammed, some times on air ride, some times something extreme, some times something subtle. So that should clear up what that award is about then :)


Club Booking is now closed, we are very pleased to have over a thousand cars across 80 different clubs in our club area. Got a retro car and still want to be part of the show area? Turn up and you'll be in our special retro parking display.

If you aren't part of a club but you turn up in a pre-95-ish* car you'll be directed to our Retro Parking area that is part of the show field.

* or classic shaped Mini, or last edition Beetle, and we even let some stuff post 95 in depending on how full the field is, so bring your car, and enjoy the day.

Through out the day the hill at Shelsley Walsh will be alive with the sound of engines, from the small to the large we'll see all sorts attempting to get to the top of the hill as quickly or smoothly as possible.

Track time for this year is fully booked out, thank you to those that are taking part.


As a trade stand exhibitor you will play an invaluable part in the Gathering and form a part of the visitors' enjoyment.

Retro Rides Gathering is renowned for bringing together a diverse range of motor enthusiasts which makes it perfect for companies to sell and promote their products, whether the garage essentials, lifestyle products, or goods and services that enhance their vehicles.

Our event gives you a great opportunity to showcase a wide range products or services. It also gives you a valuable time face to face with your existing and potential customers.

  • Over 3500 car enthusiasts attending
  • Prime positioning for 2017 in central area of show to maximise footfall.

If you are ready to sign up or need a bit more info, contact us at with the word Trade in the subject line.

Are you interested in making a bigger splash in the Retro Scene? We are also happy to talk about Sponsorship packages at